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Jason Hill is the Amazon best selling author of Social Hill, in-cluding the Social Hill Series, which was written while he was homeless, trying to turn his life around. A gifted story-teller, Jason found a way to turn his love for words into an art form, entertaining his small but loyal fans with his tales of triumph over tragedy. If you love great writing, this is the series for you. Think Carrie Fisher mixed with Silver Linings Playbook. Unplug with a book.

The new novels from the #3 Amazon Kindle best selling author of Social Hill

Jason's Social Hill Series has been published worldwide, and the second book, Prospect Hill, has garnered a five-star review from ReadersFavorite. Don't miss the best new voice in fiction. 

Jason Hill continues to give back any way he can

Jason Hill's journey has been emotional and fulfilling. Born in Chicago, he escaped the inner city in the late 80s, going on to fail at just about everything he put his hand to: college, the military, family life. Everything except writing. Even though he lost his children in the series of events that led to his greatest triumph, it hasn't been easy. He hopes you find strength in his biographical tales of struggle against hardship. And how you, too, can be in the making-dreams-come-true business, like he has done. When he's not writing, Jason helps other veterans reach their goals in tasks big and small.

Jason Hill is all about trying to get more people to read. In an age of Netflix, Fire TV, Amazon, and countless other forms of entertain-ment, Jason seeks to give back to others with his un-ique gift of storytelling. just recently gave him a 5-star review for Prospect Hill, calling it a "refreshing break from the junk that fills our bookshelves." Don't miss out. Get your copy today!

Jason's goals are simple--to be reunited with his two children, ages 15 and 14, and to keep writing books as long as he possibly can and to do it full-time.

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